How do I use my Esks Access Card?

You use your Esks Access Card just as you would a normal ticket. When you arrive at The Brick Field at Commonwealth Stadium, proceed to your assigned gate, and a Ticket Taker will scan your card, just as they would with a paper ticket, and you’ll be permitted entry into the stadium.


How do I share or send tickets to friends, family, clients, or employees?

Your My Eskimos Account Manager is your online ticket management tool where you can forward your tickets to others free of charge. The individual you are sending your ticket(s) to can print an electronic ticket at their home or office. You can also print a paper ticket at home and manually transfer the ticket to whomever you choose.


 What happens to my card when I forward or print a ticket?

Once you forward or print a ticket, the barcode on your Esks Access Card will be deactivated for that game, and the forwarded or printed ticket will contain the valid barcode. If you try to enter The Brick Field at Commonwealth Stadium using your Esks Access Card for the game you forwarded or printed, you will be denied entry. Your Esks Access Card will still be valid for all future games.


Is there a fee to forward or reprint my tickets electronically?

No, forwarding or reprinting your tickets through your My Eskimos Account is completely free of charge for Season Seat Holders.


Can my Eskimo tickets be printed on regular ticket stock?

Yes, the Esks Ticket Centre can print your season tickets on ticket stock. Administrative charges of $10 per seat for your entire season’s worth of tickets. Please contact the Ticket Centre at 780-448-3757 for more information.


What happens if I lose my Esks Access Card or it’s stolen?

If you lose your Esks Access Card, please contact the Esks Ticket Centre immediately at 780-448-3757. Your Esks Access Card will be deactivated and will no longer permit you entry into The Brick Field at Commonwealth Stadium. A replacement card can be issued for the remainder of the season for a $10 administrative fee. There is no fee if you can provide a police report number. Or, you can print your tickets for the remainder of the season free of charge.


Is it any different for suite holders?

No, the same process applies for suite holders. The tickets are loaded into your My Esks Account, and from there you can print or transfer your individual game tickets.


Am I able to enter The Brick Field at Commonwealth Stadium by showing my tickets on my phone?

Yes, you can access your My Esks Account via the Eskimos App in the tickets section on your smartphone to view your tickets. The Ticket Taker will scan the barcode on the screen allowing you to enter the stadium.