Tell us an interesting fact about you
Usually being a cheerleader is my interesting fact, but considering that is apparent, I’m a descendant of Louis Cyr who was the strongest man to ever live, he could lift 500lbs with 1 finger,


Do you have any advice for young cheerleaders?
My advice for young cheerleaders is to focus on having perfect basic skills.  Having a foundation of strong basics makes learning more difficult skills easier.


List five words that describe you


What kind of career aspirations do you have outside of cheerleading?
I’m hoping in the next three years I can finish becoming a red seal electrician and complete my after degree in education from the University of Alberta.  Ideally, I’d like to be a secondary teacher and teach Biology, which I already have a Bachelor of Science in, and CTS/RAP programs.  I want to share my knowledge and enthusiasm of biological sciences with students, to help teach young students interested in the trades.  The stigma of not being as apt as other professions isn’t true and I hope to encourage students who haven’t had the opportunity to build or fix things and to learn life-long skills


What’s your favourite thing about Edmonton?
My favorite thing about Edmonton is the opportunities to have new experiences. Whether in working, traveling, or finding a hobby; Edmonton is a world class place for the arts, festivals, and having almost any activity nearby.


You can’t stop dancing when you hear this song?
I’m not really a dancer, but when anything by Rise Against comes on the radio I can’t help but to sing along, though not well.