Executive Staff
Mandy Johnston Vice President, Finance and Business Administration
Matt McPhee Vice President, Corporate Partnerships and New Business Development
Rose Mary Phillip Vice President, Marketing & Communications
Scott Murray Vice President, Ticket Sales and Service


Football Operations
Brock Sunderland General Manager & Vice President of Football Operations
David Turner Director, Player Personnel
Bobby Merritt Director of Scouting
Kris Hagerman Director, Football Operations
Nick Pelletier Assistant Director, Football Operations/Player Personnel Assistant
Dwayne Mandrusiak Manager, Equipment
Graeme Scott Assistant, Equipment
Nate Hay Head Athletic Therapist
Donovan Orr Assistant Athletic Therapist
Kyle Thorne Director of Human Performance
Griffin Dear Coordinator, Head Video
Brent Kassian Team Chaplain


Wendy Rodgers Executive Assistant to the President
Stacey Glover Manager, Human Resources
Erik Wentzel Business Administrator


Communications and Broadcast
Cliff Fewings Coordinator, Communications


Marketing & Brand Management
Trevor Sieben Director, Marketing
Michael Arcuri Coordinator, Digital Marketing
Samantha Scharf Graphic Designer
Trent Schneider Developer, Digital Media


Game Operations
Courtney Clace Manager, Game Operations and Events
Tristan Humphries Coordinator, Game Operations & Events


Community Relations
Andrew Jones Coordinator, Community Relations


Jenn Johnson Director, Retail Operations
Cooper Langley Coordinator, Retail Operations
Spencer Cleave Assistant, Retail Operations


Eva Ng Manager, Finance
Pat Ostafichuk Coordinator, Finance
Ayan Affi Coordinator, Finance


Corporate Partnerships
Adrienne Bridgeman Director, Partnership Servicing
Brad Shewciw Director, Corporate Partnerships
Dustin Fox Manager, Corporate Partnerships and Executive Suites
Sean McLaughlin Partnership Activation Specialist
Paula Gladwin Partnership Activation Specialist


Information Technology
Darren Woolston Manager, Information Technology
Jeff Mills Junior Systems Administrator, Information Technology


Ticket Sales and Service
Deb McAvoy Director, Ticket Operations
Wade Graham Manager, Ticket Sales
Hannah Gruber Coordinator, Ticket Finance
Katrina Lee Account Executive
Steven Andrusiak Account Executive
Kevin Hense Account Executive
Derick Araujo Account Executive
Marc Devaney Account Executive
Rob Sauve Account Executive
Derek Yeomans Manager, Customer Service and Team Store
Darlene Hasinoff Customer Experience Specialist
Hillary Shields Customer Experience Specialist
Jazmine Peterson Customer Experience Specialist
Kendra Liber Customer Experience Specialist


Game Day Staff
Chris Scheetz In-Stadium Host
Mike Leblanc P.A. Announcer
Karen Kondoski Manager, Cheer Team and Esks Force Teams
Lynae Segouin Stunt Team Coach, Cheer Team
Michael England Coach, Esks Force Drumline
Ryan Ocol Hype Team Coach
Dale MacMillan Team Photographer


Team Physicians
Dr. Dhiren Naidu Lead Physician
Dr. Boris Boyko Physician
Dr. John Clarke Physician
Dr. Jeff Robinson Physician
Dr. David Reid Orthopedic Physician
Dr. Carlo Panaro Orthopedic Physician
Dr. Brent Saik Optometrist
Dr. Tammarie Heit Dentist
Dr. Allan Jeffels Chiropractor