Winning ticket number: A-10656107

Total pot: $399,165.00

Winner: Grant Ward


After the successes of the online 50/50 raffles in support of the Joey Moss Memorial Fund and Northern Alberta amateur football programs, the EE Football Club will be hosting its third online 50/50, sponsored by Sentinel Storage, in support of the fundraising efforts of the World’s Longest Hockey Game and the Cure Cancer Foundation.

The proceeds of the 50/50, sponsored by Sentinel Storage, will go towards helping the World’s Longest Hockey Game reach their $1.5M goal, while working towards a record-breaking 250 hours on the ice. This fundraising is done to support the UofA cancer research clinical trial to benefit patients at the Cross Cancer Institute. The draw will run for one day only on Sunday, February 14, 2021, near the anticipated close of the game.

Brent Saik, owner of Alberta Sports Vision Institute and organizer of the World’s Longest Games said, “The Edmonton Football Club has always been champions in helping our community and once again they are doing it for us! Even if the game was or wasn’t going to happen the EE club was still going to find a way to support. Thank you Green and Gold!”

The last two 50/50 raffles sponsored by Sentinel Storage, on November 22 and December 5, 2020, closed with combined total awarded prizes of $703,855 and a combined total pot of $1,407,710. The fundraising efforts for the Winnifred Stewart’s Joey Moss Memorial Fund broke the previous EE Football Club 50/50 total pot record of $871,839 set at the July 14, 2017 home game against Ottawa. The winner from the November 22 draw took home $495,900.

Ticket sales will open at 10:00 am MST on Sunday, February 14 and end at 9:00 pm MST on the same day. The winning ticket number will be drawn at approximately 9:30 pm MST the day of the raffle and will be posted on the Team’s website by 10:00 pm MST.

Tickets can be purchased by individuals 18 years or older, located within Alberta’s provincial borders at the time


of purchase. Fans will be able to select from the following four digital-only ticket purchase option for one day only. Purchasers are urged to act fast as limited quantities of each ticket category are available, only on February 14, 2021.

Fans can select from the following four ticket pack options:

  • Regular: Five dollars ($5.00) for one (1) ticket
  • Discount 1: Ten dollars ($10.00) for ten (10) tickets
  • Discount 2: Twenty dollars ($20.00) for sixty (60) tickets
  • Discount 3: Fifty dollars ($50.00) for two hundred (200) tickets

Rules and regulations can be found here.

Frequently asked question can be found here.

AGLC Raffle License # 570333

Previous Online 50/50s:

Total Pot for February 14, 2021:


Total Pot For December 5, 2020


Winner: Kandy McNeill

Winning ticket number: B – 10423191

Total pot: $415,910


Total Pot For November 22, 2020


Winner: John Groff

Winning ticket number: A-13137327

Total Pot: 991,800