February 27, 2020

Off-Season Update: Jake Ceresna

What have you been up to this off season?
I’ve been training and working out a lot in preparation for the upcoming season.

Have you gone on any exciting trips or done anything cool?
I didn’t take any trips this winter except for a trip to Edmonton to train with the guys.

How frequently do you work out and train for the upcoming season?
I’m usually in the gym five to six days a week working on strength, agility and, explosiveness training.

What are you most looking forward to in the 2020 Season?
Just getting back to Edmonton and getting back to playing in front of the greatest fans in the CFL and competing for a Grey Cup.

Finish this sentence: The 2020 season will be
My best season yet as a professional athlete. On top of that, it will end with the Grey Cup in Edmonton.