February 12, 2020

Off-season Update – Vontae Diggs

What have you been up to this off season?
I’ve been working out, training hard, trying to become more agile.

Have you gone on any exciting trips or done anything cool?
I’m in Boston training and living. I became an uncle, my brother had twins, Mya and Malia.

How frequently do you work out and train for the upcoming season?
I’ve been training six days a week. I just started running on the field, I spent the winter getting my weight back up.

What are you most looking forward to in the 2020 Season?
I’m really excited to see what our new staff has planned. I’m not playing any games this year. We didn’t finish the season with a championship and that’s not acceptable in the City of Champions.

Finish this sentence: The 2020 season will be…
 Special. Real Scary.