February 21, 2019

Eskimos 50/50, Presented by belairdirect, Distributes a Record Amount to Amateur Football

The Edmonton Eskimos are proud to announce another record-breaking donation of $845,000 to support the development of amateur football in Northern Alberta.

Eskimos fans and amateur football are the lucky winners at each Eskimo home game, including the winner of a massive $410,000 jackpot on August 3rd of last year. Fortunate fans walk away with half of the 50/50 proceeds at each game, and amateur football has benefited from the $4,541,000 donated since 2012 when the 50/50 system became automated.

As a result of the highly popular 50/50 game-day raffle program presented by belairdirect the 2018 amounts distributed through today are:

  • $250,000 to the Edmonton Huskies Junior Football Club
  • $250,000 to the Edmonton Wildcats Junior Football Club
  • $110,000 to the University of Alberta Golden Bears Football Team
  • $100,000 to the University of Alberta Golden Bears’ Football Endowment Fund
  • $100,000 to Football Alberta (Northern Alberta programs)
  • $35,000 to the Edmonton Eskimo Alumni Association’s Amateur Football Initiatives

“During my seven-year tenure as President & CEO of the Edmonton Eskimos, one of the things I am most proud of, is how we have brought such positive energy back to amateur football in northern Alberta,” said Len Rhodes.

“All stakeholders are working together to encourage boys and girls of all ages to participate in this great game of football. Recently, flag football has become a real game-changer, allowing more and more youth to get involved in this version of the sport.” Rhodes added, “Being able to award funds from our 2018 50/50 program to the great amateur football organizations across northern Alberta is an honour and a point of pride. Football is alive and well in Edmonton, and we all owe a lot of thanks to the dedication and commitment of many hardworking volunteers throughout our community.”

Through the Eskimos 50/50 program, presented by belairdirect, fans buy raffle tickets to support amateur football at every Eskimos home game. During the fourth quarter, a winning ticket is randomly drawn, and one lucky fan takes home 50 per cent of proceeds from the game’s raffle sales.