November 25, 2017

Five Eskimos Named 2017 CFLPA All-Stars

Last night, Edmonton Eskimos quarterback Mike Reilly, wide receiver Brandon Zylstra, offensive guard Matt O’Donnell, defensive end Odell Willis, and defensive tackle Almondo Sewell were all named to the 2017 CLFPA Pro Players’ All-Star Team, announced today by the CFL Players’ Association and Pro Players.

This team was voted on by all current members of the nine CFL Member Clubs as well as all positional coaches for each Club. Reilly, Zylstra, O’Donnell, and Sewell were all voted 2017 West All-Stars, as well.

Only players who have played 12 or more games during the season are eligible. Players and Coaches MAY NOT VOTE for any player or coach that is a member of their team.
This vote is unique in that the players only vote for the All-Stars in the positions they go head to head with since they can best judge the abilities and skills of these players.

For example, Wide Receivers and Slot Backs are voted for by Defensive Backs & Secondary Coaches. All Players and Coaches may vote for the Head Coach and Special Teams Player.

The voting is conducted as follows: Each player will select three players at the specified positions on their ballot and rank them 1st through 3rd. First place votes will receive 3 points, second place votes will receive two points, and third place votes will receive one point. After all of the votes are weighted, the players with the highest point totals for each position will be named as C.F.L.P.A. All-Stars.