February 25, 2013

Last Quarter with… Shamawd Chambers

Dale MacMillan

Edmonton Eskimos
ESKS.com Staff

Shamawd Chambers
Wilfrid Laurier
Born: March 10, 1989 – Markham, ON
Yrs Esks: 2nd
Yrs CFL: 2nd
2012 Stats:
37 catches for 390 yards and two touchdowns
Eskimo nominee for the CFL’s Most Outstanding Rookie of the Year

Last thing I bought online…
I think I got my sister an iPad.

Last thing I ate… Oxtail and salad.

Last gift I gave… I took my mom to the mall for her birthday.  She got whatever she wanted

Last time I apologized… Probably last week sometime. Don’t know why lol.

Last compliment I got… I get compliments all the time, mostly in the mall though.

Last big trip I took… Last big trip was going to Toronto for the East Semis. Wasn’t that fun.

Last award show I watched… Grammys were the last award show I watched.  Didn’t really enjoy it. Boring.

Last celeb crush… Celeb crush is Kelly Rowland. She is beautiful.

Last website I visited… was probably twitter

Last time I was recognized… I was downtown Toronto eating with some friends and a girl came up to me and knew a lot about me, so that was cool.