February 18, 2013

Last Quarter with… Mike Reilly

Dale MacMillan

Edmonton Eskimos
ESKS.com Staff

Mike Reilly
Central Washington
Born: January 25, 1985 – Kennewick, WA
Yrs Esks: 1st
Yrs CFL: 4th
2012 Stats:
52 completions in 75 attempts for 682 yards and four touchdowns


Last vacation I took… right now in Montana. Although it’s not much of a vacation. My mom’s put me to work remodeling a bathroom. Putting in the manual labor, testing the skills out.

Last thing I lost… Probably my keys. Lost them at the house. Couldn’t find them for awhile.

Last compliment I got… I’ve had some today. I’ve had a ton on twitter. Everybody just saying congrats on being signed by the Eskimos. That’s probably the best one.

Last thing I bought online… I bought a foam roller online. I ordered one. It hasn’t come in yet.

Last greeting card I sent… I don’t know when the last time was that I even saw what a card looks like anymore. It’s always text messages. I couldn’t even tell you.

Last sunburn I had… I don’t get sunburned. I get a nice, dark tan. So it’s probably been a couple of years. My brothers are pasty white Irish guys so they get burnt all the time, but I just get a nice golden bronze.

Last junk food I ate… 2 seconds ago. I’ve got a sweet tooth, I tell you what. When’s the last time I didn’t eat junk food?

Last reality TV show I watched… Ohhhh that is a terrible question because I’m embarrassed to answer it, but The Bachelor. I’ve all watched all the episodes this season.

Last thing I returned… stuff to Home Depot. When I go there I don’t know what to buy so I buy everything and then I just return what i don’t need later.

Last website I visited… esks.com.. yeah for sure. Had to check it out.