February 4, 2013

Top Tweets of the Week

Edmonton Eskimos
ESKS.com Staff

Check out this week’s top tweets from the Eskimo Empire. Want to make the list? Follow @CFL_Esks and add #Esks to your tweets. Check back on Mondays to see if you made the list.

The Eskimos acquired quarterback Mike Reilly from the BC Lions last week. Eskimo Nation was thrilled with the news and welcomed him to the Green & Gold…

@JasonGregor: “If you want a community to invest in you, you need to invest in the community and that’s why I will move to Edmonton.” Reilly. #esks #cfl

@duanekanderson: @cfl_esks First it was Wilkie & @WMoon1 , then Dunnigan & @damonallen9 , Now Reilly & @MattNichols16 . #BrightFuture #CFL

@eskinator: @Rikester13 @cfl_esks welcome Mike! Optimism with you coming here as I partake in my 31 year as season ticket holder. See you at camp

@Ogopogo70: @Rikester13 @cfl_esks We are very happy to have you in the City of Champions. Expectations are always high – Grey Cup! Welcome.

@melissameyers13: @cfl_esks Great pick up with #MikeReilly He is going to drop bombs in that grEEn & gold jersey next season. #esks4life

With the final season seats renweal deadline fast approaching on February 28, Eskimo long snapper Ryan King encouraged fans to not miss out on a single snap this season. (Click here to view video)

@TrixieLeRue: @cfl_esks of course. This will be 18 years and not one game missed #CFL #eskienation

@TracySchLarson: @cfl_esks @ryanking46 Already done!!! and Yes I will be there for every long snap!!!!!

@missyjiggs: @cfl_esks GOT MINE TODAY!!!! WOOO HOOO! #notexcitedatall #yesireallyam

@CCoop69: @cfl_esks season seats all paid up for the 2013, Go Eskimos Go

@gordiedoobs: @cfl_esks My dad is a season ticket holder of about 45 years. He’s in very poor health in hospital, been to his last game. Loves his #esks. My brother and I are keeping his seasons seats in his honor. We both started in Woodwards Knothole Gang back in the late 60s.

Notable quotables from around the Eskimo Empire

@ronfitpt: With Superbowl this week, we can’t wait until the 101 Grey Cup! Will be 7th in a row. @cfl_esks @101GreyCupFest @CFL @CFLonTSN

@TheBestSportMom: And football… I bought a new jersey and I’m anxious to wear it! @cfl_esks #esks #gizmo pic.twitter.com/1nuqQt5V

@rashadjeanty: @cfl_esks Congrats to coach Marshall back in The City of Champions #welldeserved

@tylermcpherson7: Was so stoked to see @Simoni_Lawrence repping his #esks gear last night at Mall of America! Wished him luck this year! #Eskimos #leggo

@RachelPrazak: @cfl_esks So it’s Super Bowl Sunday and I’m going to wear my Fred Stamps jersey. #waitingforthecflseason #comefaster

What our players are saying

@Rikester13: @ShamawdChambers yeah there’s a secret to growing an amazing beard. If your lucky I might teach you how… Haha

@ShamawdChambers: @Rikester13 yessss Rick Ross beard coming soon everyone!!!!!

@Rikester13: Very excited 2 B joining the @cfl_esks. A team with great tradition great fans & great players. Looking forward to donning the green & gold!

@Gwojt66: So pumped for the #Superbowl this weekend! But that also means that football is done for a while after 🙁

@TheOriginalKoch: Going to the #AIA #Superbowl breakfast on Friday morning Super pumped with @Jake_Griffin http://instagram.com/p/VMPrhIl89d/

@Lang96EEskimos: Is it June yet???…can’t wait till season get here! #13greycupchamps