February 4, 2013

Last Quarter with… Darcy Brown

Dale MacMillan

Edmonton Eskimos
ESKS.com Staff

Darcy Brown
Saint Mary’s
Born: May 29, 1986 – Mississauga, ON
Yrs Esks: 1
Yrs CFL: 4


Last thing I bought online… I’ve got a bit of an online shopping addiction actually. Last thing I bought was a pair of Allen Edmonds dress shoes. I have to look good when I’m representing the Eskies on road trips.
Last thing I lost… My mind, when I saw the clips of that monkey running around Ikea in Toronto with that little coat on. Did you see that? Hilarious!
Last celebrity I spoke to… I saw the singer The Weeknd at a restaurant in Toronto not long ago. I offered to buy him a drink, he said no, I felt like a creepy weirdo. Thanks, Weeknd
Last time I apologized… Sorry, I don’t remember. (Get it?)
Last compliment I got… I helped an elderly lady from the parking lot to the mall entrance last week when it was pretty icy here in Ontario. She said I was a gentleman and reminded her of her son because I was tall and handsome. That felt pretty good.
Last dream I had… I’ve been having some pretty strange dreams lately. The other night I dreamt that I had the ability to control sharks with my mind. That’s normal, right?
Last award show I watched… I watched a little bit of the Golden Globes. If you haven’t seen Will Ferrell’s appearance on the show, look it up on YouTube!
Last celeb crush… Candice Swanepoel.
Last time I pranked someone… On Halloween I dressed up as JC Sherritt.  It was actually the mascot, Punter’s outfit with “47” taped to it because I think they look alike. I walked up behind him while he was doing a ton of interviews in the locker room. There are pictures of it on my Instagram account @TheDBrown.
Last New Year’s resolution kept… I’ve never really been much of a New Years resolution guy but I do set a bunch of goals for the upcoming season. Number 1 is obviously: Win the Grey Cup.