January 29, 2013

Don’t miss your chance to be part of the best cheer team in the CFL

Edmonton Eskimos
Cheer Team Blog – Roxy

It just seems like yesterday the entire Edmonton Eskimo Cheer team arrived back from the 100th Grey Cup in Toronto. I think it is safe to say on behalf of the entire team that last season was truly a memorable experience. The season was action-packed with brand new uniforms, exciting themed home games, an amazing calendar, a challenging pro dance camp in Vegas, team-bonding nights and, of course, representing the Edmonton Eskimos at the 100th Grey Cup in Toronto. What can I say… my experience on the Cheer Team last year was even more than I imagined. With the experience being so rewarding and positive, I couldn’t hang my gold pompoms just yet.

Last night the Edmonton Eskimo Cheer Team Information Seminar marked the very first day of our intensive audition process for the 2013 season.  It was definitely exciting to see the returning veterans for the first time since the Grey Cup, but also to see the fresh, new faces. From a quick glance, it is safe to say there were at least 75 hopefuls gathered at Perfect Storm to inquire about the Cheer Team.

The information session was led, of course, by our inspirational head coach Dianne Greenough. It was crucial for inquiring pertinent information regarding this season’s busy schedule. It allows us hopefuls to review the schedule and decide whether or not we can commit to all practices, home games and the many promos that are part of the responsibility of being an Edmonton Eskimo Cheerleader. As stated by Dianne, this information session acts as a “self-eliminating” step that allows the individuals to figure out whether or not they can commit to the extensive schedule.

Although this year I am returning as a veteran, I have to say I am just as anxious and nervous as I was as a rookie. Walking into the giant purple gym at Perfect Storm Athltics, I couldn’t help but feel butterflies as I reminisced about the nerve-racking audition process last year.  According to the coaches, every year the bar gets raised higher as there is an increasing number of talented dancers who show up for tryouts. This year, like the start of every season, we are starting a fresh new slate. Both the veterans and potential rookies are all on the same page.  All of us hopefuls have to tryout and all 15 spots are open. It is going to be a nerve racking experience for everyone as we all try to be the best that we can be when audition start on February 25, 2013.

The 2013 season is just around the corner and I cannot wait to see what is in store for us!


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