January 11, 2013

The Last Quarter with…Matt Carter

Dale MacMillan

Matt Carter
Born: August 2, 1986 – Kelowna, BC
Yrs Esks: 1
Yrs CFL: 4
2012 Stats
Games Played: 16
Receiving: 15 catches for 233 yards and 1 touchdown

Last time I laughed out loud… I am always laughing! What really gets me laughing though is the show “Modern Family.” I think it’s hilarious.  The character “Cam” (played by Eric Stonestreet) is on a whole new level.  It’s his one-liners and mannerisms that I find the funniest.

Last vacation… I was out in Kelowna BC for the Christmas Holiday.  That is where I am from and my parents still live out that way.  I had a great time visiting them and my old friends.  I even got up to Big White for three days of skiing.  It was a great trip.

Last thing I bought online… I bought “Monopoly” for my IPhone.  I needed something to do on my flight from Toronto to Kelowna over the holidays.  Worst 99 cent purchase I have made in quite some time.  Probably should have bought Scrabble instead.

Last sunburn I had… I don’t exactly have what you would call “ideal” skin for sun tanning! I venture down to Saint Maarten every off-season for about 10 days.  I normally get a little cocky part way through the trip and drop down to the SPF 15 too early.  This happened last year, the year before, and also the year before that.  Hopefully this time around I will learn.

Last good deed I did… I live in a condo up in the northern part of Toronto.  Underneath our building is a grocery store that I shop at.  There was an old lady that apparently lives in the area and she was struggling to carry her bags up the stairs to the main floor.  Once we got up the stairs she said she was fine and continued on to her nearby building.

Last time I apologized… People talk about parking lots being dangerous; you should see the grocery store (same one I spoke about earlier).  Had a little bump in with another cart.  I apologized for that.

Last coupon I used… I actually just used a coupon at Empire Theatres last weekend.  The coupon was good for two free regular sized drinks and two bags of popcorn.  My girlfriend refuses to share a single bag of popcorn with me as she says I am too “competitive” when eating it.  Truth is, I just love popcorn.  

I am a little hesitant to share this but here it goes…

To improve your popcorn eating experience at the movies try this.  Buy your bag of popcorn and do your best to let the butter cool off.  Once the bag isn’t too hot sprinkle a bag of

Into the popcorn.  They often fall to the bottom of the bag so you have to get right in there and find them, but I promise it will change your movie theatre experience drastically!

Last website I visited… Before I started filling this out I paid off my cell phone bill.  So with that I was on the Bank of Montreal website.  Not overly exciting….

Last New Year’s resolution kept… In all honesty I have never been a New Year’s resolution guy.  I didn’t set any resolutions.  I did however set a list of goals that I plan to achieve in 2013.  Most are personal but one that is on my list.  Win a Grey Cup!

Thanks Esks fans! Hope everyone is off to a great 2013.  I am excited to get back at it.