June 23, 2010

My Greatest Eskimo Memory – The five-in-a-row teams

June 23, 2010

Loranne Scholey asked Eskimo fans to tell us about their Greatest Eskimo Memory. Today we feature Loranne Scholey, who became an Eskimo fan back in the five-in-a-row days.

Loranne met Eskimos, like Pete Lavorato, from the five-in-a-row teams.

I have lots of favorite moments as a Eskimos fan but this one is my favorite.  My dad worked for Edmonton Transit and used to take me on his game day charters. The game I remember the most was the Western final in 1982.  My dad had to leave after the third quarter and go back to his bus.  I asked him if I could stay and  to watch the rest of the game. He let me and it was one of the greatest games I ever witnessed. Not only did we win the game, but Eskimos allowed the fans to go onto the field after the game. I got to hit Warren Moon on the shoulders and congratulate him on a great game. I didn’t realized it then, but I got to see the greatest team in the history of the CFL win the Western final and go on to win their 5th Grey Cup in a row. I am so glad my dad let me stay to watch that game.

Loranne has a large collection of autographed cards, including this one from Willie Pless.

The following season my siblings and I started to go to Eskimo practice and got to know the players from that five-in-a-row team. We are still friends with many of those players today and of the teams to follow.