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 import wide receiver Nicholas Edwards, import defensive back Desmond Marrow and import cornerback Domonique Johnson signed.

Jan.27- non-import offensive lineman Adam Baboulas and non-import linebacker Curtis Dublanko signed.

Jan.30 - non-import quarterback Kerry Joseph released.


Feb.4 - import offensive lineman D'Anthony Batiste signed.

Feb.5 - non-import defensive end Mathieu Boulay signed.

Feb.11 - non-import offensive lineman Andrew Jones and Justin Sorensen signed.

Feb.12 - import defensive back Patrick Watkins and non-import wide receiver Akeem Foster signed.

Feb.18 - import linebacker T.J. Hill released.

Feb.20 - non-import safety Donovan Alexander released and import wide receiver AJ Guyton signed.

Feb.26 - import linebacker Deon Lacey, import running back Denodus O'Bryant and import linebacker Ryan Rau signed.


March 7
- import defensive tackles Cedric McKinley and Daniel Ross signed.

March 13 - import offensive lineman Selvish Capers signed.

March 14 - import defensive back Chris Thompson released.

March 27 - import quarterback Pat White signed.

March 31 - import defensive back Myron Lewis and import wide receiver James Kirkendoll signed. Non-import WR Keith Godding released.


April 3 - Import defensive end Willie Jefferson signed.

April 4 - Import defensive back Josh Gatlin released.

April 8 - Import defensive end Cameron Sheffield signed.

April 11 - Non-import wide receiver Anthony Barrett signed.

April 17 - Non-import long snapper Ryan King re-signed.