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January 15 -
International quarterback Jordan Lynch signed.

January 16 - Acquired international wide receiver Kenny Stafford from the Montreal Alouettes in exchange for international slotback Fred Stamps.

January 21 - National kicker/punter Hugh O'Neill released.

January 28 - National defensive tackle Don Oramasionwu re-signed.

January 29 - National offensive lineman Matt O'Donnell released.

January 30 - International defensive end Odell Willis re-signed.


February 10 - National offensive lineman Alexander Krausnick signed. National defensive end Bo Adebayo, national kicker/punter Luca Congi, international linebacker Rennie Curran, international running back/kick returner Noel Devine, national linebacker Joash Gesse, international quarterback Justin Goltz, international slotback Kendial Lawrence and national safety Chris Rwabukamba became free agents.

February 11 - International slotback Kendial Lawrence and national offensive lineman Greg Wojt signed.

February 12 - International wide receiver Wallace Miles signed.

February 13 - International linebacker Shane Horton and international wide receiver/kick returner Eric Page signed.

February 27 - International defensive back Eric Samuels released.


March 13 - International slotback Patrick Robertson and international running back Tyler Thomas released.

March 19 - International quartrback Pat White retires.



April 2 - International cornerback Joe Burnett released.

April 7 - National linebacker Curtis Dublanko released.

April 27 - International cornerback Robert Sands and international quarterback Matt Scott released.

April 28 - International quarterback James Franklin and international defensive end R.J. Roberts signed.

April 29 -  International kick/punt returner Etauj Allen, international wide receiver Chad Bumphis, international running back Shakir Bell, international wide receiver Bryant Mitchell, international defensive back John Ojo, international wide receiver Derel Walker and international linebacker Scott Williams signed.International wide receiver Isaiah Williams released.

April 30 - International defensive tackle Torrey Davis, international quarterback Justin Goltz and international linebacker Korey Jones signed.



May 1 - National offensive lineman Adam Baboulas and international defensive end Cameron Sheffield released.

May 11 -  National Slotback Cory Watson traded to Edmonton from Saskatchewan on May 11, 2015 along with a second round pick in the 2016 CFL Canadian Draft in exchange for the rights to national long snapper Jorgen Hus and a third round pick in the 2016 CFL Canadian Draft. 

May 13 - National offensive lineman Tyson Pencer and national kicker/punter Zackary Medeiros sign. National offensive lineman Chris Mercer and international slotback AJ Guyton released. 

May 15 - International defensive back Jestin Love and International linebacker Keith Reynolds sign. National wide receiver Akeem Foster and international defensive lineman Daniel Ross released. 

May 28National offensive lineman Danny Groulx, national offensive lineman David Beard, national linebacker Adam Konar, national wide receiver Andrew Johnson and national linebacker Blair Smith sign.

May 31 - International wide reciever/kick returner Denarius Appling, international defensive back Deion Belue, international defensive back D.J. Bryant, international wide reciever Skye Dawson, international offensive lineman David Griffin, international linebacker Dawud Lane, national defensive back Harold Mutobola.  National offensive lineman Steve Myddelton retired. 

June 2 - International defensive back Marte Sears signed. International defensive lineman DJ Bryant released. 

June 8 - International wide receiver Chad Bumphis released. 

June 12 International linebacker Shane Horton, national offensive lineman Tyson Pencer, international wide receiver Marcus Rucker released.

June 13 - International defensive back Alonzo Lawrence released. 

June 14 - International kick returner Etauj Allen, International offensive lineman David Griffin, national running back Harold Mutobola, International wide receiver/kick returner Eric Page, International defensive end RJ Roberts, national safety Corbin Sharun, International defensive back Scott Williams released.

June 15 - International wide receiver Denarius Appling, international quarterback Justin Goltz, national wide receiver Paris Jackson, national linebacker Nathan Kanya,international linebacker Dawud Lane, international defensive back Jestin Love, national kicker/punter, Zackary Medeiros,international wide receiver Bryant Mitchell, national offensive lineman Brian Ramsay,international defensive back Kacy Rodgers and international defensive back Marte Sears released. National wide receiver Anthony Barrett, international running back Shakir Bell, international offensive lineman Thaddaeus Coleman, international quarterback James Franklin, national cornerback Raye Hartmann, national wide receiver Andrew Johnson, international defensive tackle Cedric McKinley, international defensive back, John Ojo, international linebacker Keith Reynolds and international wide receiver Derel Walker signed to the practice roster.


July 13 - International defensive backs Kacy Rodgers and Jeremy Williams sign to the practice roster.

July 15 - National offensive lineman Brian Ramsay signs. International linebacker Keith Reynolds is released.


August 3 - National defensive lineman Shomari Williams signs to the practice roster.

August 17 - International running back Rob Hollomon and national running back Greg Morris sign to the practice roster. International defensive lineman Torrey Davis released.

August 24 - International running back Akeem Shavers signs. International running back Rob Holloman released. 


September 2 - International quarterback Matt Nichols traded to Winnipeg in exchange for a conditional 7th round pick in the 2017 CFL Draft.

September 3 - International offensive lineman Brian Simmon acquired in trade with Hamilton in exchange for a conditional 7th round pick in the 2017 CFL Draft. 

September 9 - National offensive lineman Matt O'Donnell signs. National offensive lineman Chris Greaves acquired from Winnipeg in exchange for international offensive lineman Selvish Capers and Edmonton's best second-round pick in the 2016 CFL Draft. 

September 15 - International defensive end Sammy Brown, national defensive back Michael Carter and international wide receiver/kick returner Sederrik Cunningham sign to the practice roster.

September 16 - International slotback Aaron Kelly signs to the practice roster.

September 21 - Internatinal slotback/kick returner Skye Dawson traded to Calgary in exchange for a conditional exchange of draft picks in the 2017 CFL Draft.

September 28 - National wide receiver Nate Coehoorn signed to a contract extension. 

September 30 - International defensive end Sam Montgomery signed to the practice roster.


October 1 - International defensive end Sammy Brown released.

October 6 - International running back Zach Bauman signed to the practie roster.

Octotber 13 - international running back Zach Bauman, international slotback Aaron Kelly, national defensive lineman Shomari Williams released from the practice roster.

October 19 - National defensive tackle Eddie Steele signed to a contract extension. 

October 28 - National safety Cauchy Muamba signed to a contract extension. International running back Nic Grigsby and international defensive back Aaron Hester signed.


November 2- International defensive end Sam Montgomery released.