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Depth Chart and Roster

Eskimo depth chart and roster | Available June 12
Roughriders depth chart and roster |  Available June 12


Comprehensive game notes stats package | Available June 11


Edmonton Eskimos vs Saskatchewan Roughriders

It's an official CFL pre-season home game for the Eskimos ... and it's live from Fort McMurray! On June 13, 2015, head to the new (and currently under construction) SMS Stadium at Shell Place in downtown Fort McMurray to attend the most Northern game in the 103-year history of the CFL



Fan Bus Experience

Travel to and from the game with the fan bus experience with tickets and accommodation covered. Details


 It's a Celebration! 

Starting June 10 until kickoff, Ft. McMurraywill be rocking with pre-game and post-game event!. Details HERE.


Get the Gear

Gear up for game day. Nothern Kickoff styles are available for men, women and youth at the MacDonald Island Park Box Office. Or go to for Eskimo gear.


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