Cheer Team Junior Programs | Edmonton Eskimos
Cheer Team Junior Programs

The Eskimos Cheer Team offers three junior programs for fans of all ages. Perform on-field with the Eskimos Cheer Team during a special halftime showcases. No tryout is required and no dance expereince is necessary. Men and women are welcome.



Eski-Minis Cheer Team
Ages 4-10



Junior Eskimos Cheer Team
Ages 10-17


Eski-Ladies Cheer Team
Ages 18-100

Upcoming Games
G H Sat 13/06/15 8:00 pm MDT
G A Fri 19/06/15 8:00 pm MDT
G A Sat 27/06/15 3:00 pm MDT
G H Thu 09/07/15 7:00 pm MDT
G A Fri 17/07/15 5:00 pm MDT
G H Sat 25/07/15 5:00 pm MDT