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Cheer Team Appearance Requests


The Eskimos Cheer Team is active in Edmonton events year round at schools, charitable events, corporate functions and numerous youth related activities. With an amazing acrobatic element as well as a variety of music selections, dance styles and props, the Eskimos Cheer team is a hit with fans of all ages.

The Edmonton Eskimos Cheer Team members visit groups and organizations that strive to:


  • support amateur football in Northern Alberta
  • educate youth on the importance of nutrition and an active lifestyle
  • share powerful messages on anti-bullying
  • encourage children to stay in school



To request the Edmonton Eskimos Cheer Team for an upcoming event, please complete the appearance application form below.

Advance Notice Required

Requests will only be considered if they are received in writing two weeks prior to the scheduled event. Please allow three days for a response to your request.

Eskimos Cheer Team Fees

Charitable/Community/Non-Commercial functions: The Eskimos Cheer Team does not charge for these appearances. Many civic organizations do offer an honorarium which is appreciated. Parking arrangements, suitable change facilities, water and a safe place to secure items must be made available. Although these volunteer cheerleaders will make every attempt to participate in community events, due to the high number of requests, the cheer team may not be able to honour every request.

Private Parties/Commercial/Corporate functions:
$25 per hour per cheerleader. One hour is the minimum duration for an Eskimos appearance with a minimum of two Eskimos cheerleaders per appearance. The Edmonton Eskimo Football Club must approve all publicity for any event that mentions an appearance by the Edmonton Eskimos Cheer Team. The cheer team requires a private, clean and secure place to change and take breaks. Parking and water must be provided.

Out of town Events: Additional travel fees will include:

  • Mileage @ $0.44 per km based on standard driving distances (this will cover gas, vehicle and time)
  • Meals - $10 breakfast, $15 lunch, $25 Dinner per person from the time they leave city until their return. 
  • Accommodation - must all be paid for

These additional fees and appearance fees must be paid in advance before departure for event.

Group Performances

You may request a group performance (20-40 members) for large functions. Group performances are a minimum of $1,000, depending on the time involved in the event. All fees must be paid upon arrival. Please make cheques  payable to the Eskimos Cheer Team.



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