Administration | Edmonton Eskimos


Executive Staff

Len Rhodes

President and Chief Executive Officer

Allan Watt

Vice President, Communications and Marketing

Cathy Presniak

Vice President, Finance and Human Resources

Scott Murray

Vice President, Ticket Sales and Service


Football Operations

Ed Hervey

General Manager

Paul Jones

Executive Director, Player Personnel

Ryan Wagner

Director, Football Operations

Rob Ralph

Canadian Scout/Draft Coordinator

Kris Hagerman

Coordinator, Football Operations

Dwayne Mandrusiak
Manager, Equipment
Mackenzie Mandrusiak Assistant, Equipment
Graeme Scott Assistant, Equipment

Nate Hay

Head Athletic Therapist

Denzil Ottley

Assistant Athletic Therapist

Donovan Orr

Assistant Athletic Therapist

Sam Grewcock 

Coordinator, Video

Anthony Skepple

Coordinator, Video

Brent Kassian

Team Chaplain



Fiona Smith

Assistant to the President and CEO

Andrea Friesen

Receptionist/Customer Service 


Communications and Broadcast

Rose Mary Phillip

Senior Director, Communications and Broadcast

Jason Hills

Coordinator, Communications

Nick Pelletier

Coordinator, Community Relations 

Trent Schneider

Coordinator, Digital Media


Marketing and Brand Management

Joyce LaBriola

Senior Director, Marketing

Amy Moats

Coordinator, Marketing and Game Day Operations 

Jenn Johnson

Director, Retail Operations

Thomas Hogendoorn

Coordinator, Retail Operations 



Brian Rigg

Manager, Finance

Steven Babichuk

Ticket Finance

Valerie Gauthier

Coordinator, Finance 


Sales and Business Development

Ted Wagstaff

Corporate Partnerships

Matt McPhee

Director, Corporate Partnerships

Brad Shewciw

Account Executive, Corporate Partnerships

Adrienne Bridgeman

Manager, Partnership Servicing 

Dustin Fox

Coordinator, Corporate Parternship Servicing

Ryan Jagoe

Ticket Sales 

Aaron Kolodziejczak 

Ticket Sales 

Lindy Sentes

Ticket Sales


Information Technology

Veejay Bagri

Coordinator, Information Technology

Chris Hontscharowicz

Coordinator, Information Technology



Ticket Sales and Service

Deb McAvoy

Director, Ticket Operations

Rhonda Lischewski-Bullick 

Customer Service Manager

Darlene Hasinoff

Customer Service

Sabrina Dabbs

Customer Service

David Bland

Customer Service

Michelle Jones

Customer Service


Game Day Staff

Al Stafford

PA Announcer

Chris Scheetz

In-Stadium Host

Dianne Greenough

Director, Cheer Team 

Dale MacMillan

Team Photographer


Team Physicians 

Dr. Dhiren Naidu

Lead Physician

Dr. Boris Boyko


Dr. John Clarke


Dr. David Reid

Orthopedic Physician

Dr. Carlo Panaro

Orthopedic Physician

Dr. Jeff Robinson


Dr. Brent Saik


Dr. Tammarie Heit


Charlotte Varem-Sanders

Registered Dietician

Dr. Allan Jeffels