50/50 | Edmonton Eskimos

Eskimo fans are teaming up with minor football and winning big with Eskimo 50/50.

During the fourth quarter of every Eskimo home game, a winning ticket is randomly drawn and one lucky fan takes home 50% of  proceeds from the game's ticket sales. The remaining  proceeds support minor football programs in Northern Alberta, including the Edmonton Huskies Junior Football Club, Edmonton Wildcats Junior Football Club, University of Alberta Golden Bears football, Football Alberta and the Eskimo Alumni Association’s amateur football initiatives.

How it works

    • Look for 50/50 ticket sellers located throughout the stadium concourse on game day
    • Purchase tickets: One for $5 or three for $10 or ten for $20
    • Listen to the in-stadium announcer to say the lucky winnng ticket number during the fourth quarter
    • the winner will receive 50% of total ticket sales
    • If you have the winning ticket, claim your jackpot at the Bryan Hall Media Centre during the game or at the Eskimo Team Store at the stadium until 4 p.m. MT up to four days from the time of the  announcement. To claim the prize after hours email comments@esks.com
    • If the prize remains unclaimed after four days, the amount will be added to the draw at a future game.

Please note: You must be at least 18-years-old to purchase tickets.
Click here to download the detailed rules and regulations. 

2014  Winners

Game Day  
Take Home 

Ticket No.   


June 13, 2014  




July 4, 2014

$73,727 185269C Matthew Horne

July 11, 2014

$71,732   Unclaimed - Carried over to July 24, 2014

July 24, 2014

$348,534 280731C Connor Croken

August. 23, 2014

$102,752 118510B Dean Kuori

September 6, 2014

$145,335 118059B Claimed

September 12, 2014

$63,070 162450C Randy Radawetz

September 26, 2014

$160,507 226004C Conrad Tiegen

October 13, 2014

$75,360 119014B Claimed

November 1, 2014

$64,467 173294C David Asfar

November 16, 2014

$97,992 121770C David Ganert



Upcoming Games
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G A Fri 19/06/15 8:00 pm MDT
G A Sat 27/06/15 3:00 pm MDT
G H Thu 09/07/15 7:00 pm MDT
G A Fri 17/07/15 5:00 pm MDT
G H Sat 25/07/15 5:00 pm MDT